Deliverance is a major tool God has provided His church to heal and set free the believer. Specifically,

deliverance is the process of expelling demons. This happens when a believer commands them

to leave using the name of Jesus. The result is that people are set free from demonic control,

demonic bondage and demonic influence and are able to become all that God wants them to be.

More importantly, deliverance is one aspect of the total salvation that Jesus purchased on the

cross. This salvation includes God's provision for all human need (including our pain, suffering

and torment).

The Greek word saved is a form of the Greek word sozo. This Greek word is not only translated

as saved (salvation) but it is also translated with words like healed, made whole, delivered or

set free. When Jesus cast out a demon He occasionally said, “Your faith has set you free (sozo).

Or your faith has healed you (sozo).

Therefore, salvation (sozo) is healing and deliverance from evil spirits, as well as, escaping hell.