What is Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a matter of fighting back…getting tired of getting beat up by the devil.

Spiritual warfare is prayer and then knowing and using your authority in Jesus name.

In the natural we stand up and confront the bullies: those who push our kids off the swing, knock

them off the titter totter and call them names. Why is the church so passive in the spiritual realm?

Why do we allow the devil to hurt and torment our families, friends and brothers & sisters in


The devils purpose is to destroy you and your ministry and we let him get away with it. What are

we afraid of? The Bible says; “He who lives in us is greater than he who lives in the world.”

We need to utilize spiritual warfare prayers daily because the devil attacks daily.

Spiritual warfare consists of three elements:


1. Putting on the armor of God.


2. Praying specific prayers against the devil and his tactics.


3. Knowing & using your authority in Jesus name in 


prayer and deliverance.



More detailed information on this topic is presented in our book: Breaking Chains of Darkness