Dr. Jim & Marty Fent - Speaker/Author

Saboath Ministries



We are a helps based ministry that connects the love and power of Jesus Christ with hurting people. We are dedicated to demonstrating the love of God through sharing the truth of the gospel; writing books, and administering deliverance to individuals in need.


In addition, we offer a workshop on deliverance, spiritual warfare, generational curses and the beleiver's authority.  We also have taught an in-depth course on the Book of Revelation.


Dr. Fent began his career in higher education and became a Dean & then Academic Vice President of Lake Michigan College.  He and his wife Martha  (Marty) also owned and operated a small business before God called them into the mission field. 


Upon their return, Dr. Fent earned his license to minister with the Assemblies of God Fellowship and has been a pastor of three churches.  They returned from the mission field with their love for the lost intact but with a renewed love and compassion for the church in America; and a mandate to prepare the Body of Christ for His return.  They do this through sharing the love of Christ, preaching a non-compromising word and administering deliverance to those who request it. 


Jim and Marty have been invited to speak in both the United States and Mexico. Their gifting's are teaching, writing and an anointing for delieverance. They have been involved in the deliverance ministry for nearly 27 years, and operate in the gifts of healing, discernment and the word of knowledge.